Kocaşaban Ltd. Şti.

In 1960, by İhsan KOCAŞABAN, our company is started to ironmongery and building materials sales and sevices. In 1995, our company became as limited liability corporation. Then, our company is open to technological change and development of the sector has been one of the leading companies with sales and servicing industrial, medical and food gases' filling distribution, technical hardware equipments, welding equipments and machines, industrial washing machines, occupational health and safety equipments, CNC Water Jet contract cutting jobs.

  • Our Vision

To offer high quality and customer-oriented services with our qualified staff and by using the ever developing technology to provide value and create difference for our stakeholders and to transfer our successes in the sector to the international market.

  • Our Mission

To perform the work correctly and non-faultily in the first time with its modern, fast and quality service concept, to sustain our success in the sector and become an ideal company in Turkey by acting in compliance with the laws, commercial and social ethics.

  • Our Quality Policy

- To service the productions of good quality in time and at suitable price.To work in a planned way and have the expected results.Always to make better the productivity and working time.The supply the technical and institutional requirements of our workers and to increase their pleasure.To have a partnership with our procurers.To have cooperation in any side and to regard the quality.To protect  our environment and use our sources carefully.
The develop our quality policy and be the preferable mark.
To increase the pleasure of our customer with the support of spare part and after selling service.
To be the best answer of our customers need in any time.
To service in a professional way.